We’re so serious about Video CONTENT Creation, we made it part of our name

When we started MCA in 2012, we really didn’t know too much about where we would go or even what we would offer, except for the fact that it would involve video in one form or another. The two of us came from diverse backgrounds-Al having spent over 30 years with a Fortune 500 Company heading their internal video production department, and Mike spent over 30 years in business ownership and web development.

One thing we did know, we wanted to be different. We looked around at other video production companies and saw areas where we thought we could improve the process. Things like

-Quality-everything we produce from day one has been in High Definition. Now we take it even further with most of our productions filmed in 4K.
-Video Ownership-we believed from the beginning that all video is owned by our clients once we complete the production process.
-Reliability-we wanted to earn a reputation that our clients could trust us to deliver exceptional results, on time and all the time.

We always strive to be the best and produce the best at what we do. Case in point-Digital Signage. When we first started looking at getting into signage, we intended to utilize one of the many “out of the box” solutions out there. However, once we began testing those systems, they never fully provided the ability¬†we needed to bring the type of signage production to our clients. So we developed our own media player and signage software. We tested both extensively for 3 years before we were comfortable enough to offer both to outside clients. And we are so confident that they work we offer a lifetime guarantee on our player, which is one of the strongest in the signage industry. Learn more about our system on our Dyna-View website.

Our goal is always to continue to improve, continue to learn new methods and keep on top of the always changing video and signage markets to bring the best of both to our clients.


Media Content Advantage believes in giving back to our community and our world to make it a better place for all of us. Our charity of choice is the Monique Burr Foundation, which works to educate teachers, parents and kids about the dangers of bullying and child abuse. You can visit their website here