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[one_third] [/one_third][two_third_last]Blasted by Adversity-the Making of a Wounded Warrior[/two_third_last]


We specialize in producing book promo videos that draw your audience in, captivates them with your message and compells them to purchase your book. Our specialty is non-fiction books, however we can produce great videos for fiction books also. Our pricing is very competitive when compaired to similar quality productions from other production houses. Prices start at $1500 for an approximate 2 minute video like the example on this page from Blasted by Adversity, and go up from there depending on production types and assets needed to complete the project.

We can film live or utilize images and stock or supplied footage to tell your story

The Blasted by Adversity example on this page utilizes client supplied images, a voiceover script with the author/subject matter used and graphics.

Let’s discuss¬† how we can create a compelling book promo video for your book by calling us at (904) 351-6240