About the Client: Murphy Business Brokers is one of the largest Business Brokers in North America, with offices located throughout the US and Canada. The Jacksonville office has a broker, Kim Deas, who is our client in this project. For Kim, a 10×10 package which strives to answer pertinent questions regarding a business, both those typically asked by clients and those that are not but should be. Kim has extensive experience in marketing, and public speaking, so developing a script and speaking in front of the camera was not a problem with this client.

We were able to secure a great location through a friend of Kim’s which allowed us to film in an office environment We utilized a teleprompter which fed the script to Kim as she spoke on camera, and as you can see in her videos her speaking experience comes through quite well. We do have packages that would not require or minimize the camera time for clients in the 10×10 package, however that was not the best for this project.

We utilized a customized Motion Graphic Template, to reflect Murphy’s color scheme as well as their logo. The opening and closing was kept consistent through all the videos to help build branding.

The Solution: Our 10 x 10 package is designed to allow clients the ability to utilize video in their websites, draw clients in through search rankings, and provide prospects a place to go where they can have their questions answered. With this it’s as close to a “all in one” solution and complete video marketing package a client can get in one place. Client also has complete control of her channel, as it is in her Google account.

Here is what was included for this client: 

Over 20 Videos and a Custom Designed YouTube Channel: The videos targeted a single keyword each, and were designed to provide people an insight into the services provided by Murphy Business Brokers. Since the videos are on YouTube, they can be utilized by the client in a number of ways-embed into a website, sent via email to a prospect, used in presentations, etc. All with free distribution and no additional costs for as long as the client wishes to leave them online. Visit their channel and view their videos by clicking the image below:

Video/Blog Website: In addition to the videos being uploaded to their YouTube channel, we also built  a blog style website, using the domain name SellYourBusinessFl/video.com. The videos were categorized into sections that described the general theme of each one: Each video was then transcribed and the written transcription was added as a blog post. In our experience many keywords we target will include BOTH the video from YouTube and the written blog post in first page results on Google.:

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