Content Creation

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The above examples show the different styles of Digital Signage content. The one on the left features a live professional spokesperson delivering a script to coincide with the action in the video content area. The one on the right features a voiceover talent delivering the message. Both feature  a 3D animation video, scrolling text with a motion graphic, customized foreground with individual dealer and corporate logos and changing text area with messages designed to add emphasis to the video playing…these an other elements can be custom designed for your business by MCA

Gone are the days of boring, un-interesting power point like presentations for your signage displays. If you really want to put your message across in a manner that attracts your intended audience, then Full Motion Signage from Media Content Advantage is THE choice!

What makes our content different from other Digital Signage content creators?

Custom designed templates that reflect your business, products or services. Based on the number of areas you need to place additional content, MCA will provide you with a creative background and foreground template to place the other content messages you wish to convey to your audience. 

100% Crisp 1080p HD Video playing full screen or in any zone, even at multiple zones at the same time. Layered motion graphic backgrounds that captivate your audience and draw them to the screen. 3D and 2D animation strategically placed to deliver ongoing communication. Live action video filmed in our own studio or on location expertly edited for professional results.

And when you combine our content creation capabilities with our delivery and scheduling for an All In One Digital Signage solution, you’ve taken signage for your business to that next level!

Whatever your digital signage needs are, we can accomodate them. From hardware to content, Media Content Advantage knows the right way to make your signage come alive and captivate your audience with exciting, riviting content. Let us show you how, call us at (904) 351-6240 for a FREE no obligation content consultation with one of our signage content experts.