How can you use web video for business? Let me count the ways…

In the classic sonnet from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the words “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” proceeds a list of romantic professions meant to soften the heart of whom they are spoken. If written in today’s world, with an emphasis on web based business success-they very well could become “How can I use a web video? Let me list the ways”.

The great thing about website and web video is that while your intentions may be to use them for a single purpose, they can multiply their effectiveness by utilizing a multiple use strategy. And this can be done without any additional costs on your part. Since video on the web is streamed and viewed for free, the goal of every business that utilizes web video in their marketing mix should be to use it in as many ways as possible.

So without further delay, let’s look at some highly overlooked uses for web video

Email-Think about how much more effective your email communication with clients could be if you included a video specifically tied to the subject of the conversation. Or use email with video to follow up with potential clients after an initial contact (we even have video email software available that allows you to do just this).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions-Do you find yourself answering the same question over and over? This indicates that potential clients have a common concern or problem that they need addressing via your products or services. A video that addresses this not only can save you time, but also demonstrate your ability to provide specific solutions to clients real needs.

Direct Mail-Sending out a direct mail piece to a targeted group of prospective customers can be extremely effective. But think how much more effective it would be if you sent them to a video message on a landing page or your website from the mailer. We’ve used this for our own marketing efforts and see a large increase in conversions from stand alone efforts.

QR Code Campaigns-Did you know that a QR code can go to ANY type of web based destination? Included in that is YouTube or Vimeo videos. You can use this to demonstrate a product, introduce personel or emphasize a point utilizing a web video

Business Cards-We use web video on our business cards to introduce ourselves to a person. Below is the back of my card, with a QR tag that goes to my introduction video…it’s a simple way to personalize myself to both prospective and current clients and give them a little more information about why they should use us for their video needs. You can do the same thing for your business.


Trade Shows-Videos used online to introduce your products or services can easily be incorporated into a trade show booth to entice visitors to see your products in action or learn more about how your services can work for them. Video will also tend to draw and keep visitors to your booth, which increases the possibility of them wanting more info about your company

Landing Pages-Adding a video about your product or service to a specific landing page (with it’s own keyword specific domain name) can have a tremendous effect on the success rate of the page. Conversions from sites that have video, over those that don’t, increase an average of 65%. If the video is specific to the viewers needs, that number goes up.

Online Advertising-Videos can be used as stand alone advertising (such as with Google’s/YouTubes Video Ads) or incorporated into landing pages that people land on after clicking an ad for your business. Success rates increase dramatically with video, mainly because people don’t necessarily read an entire web page–but they will watch an interesting and ponient video about their needs.

These are just some of the ways web video can help your business that often are overlooked. How can web video help your specific business? We offer a FREE no obligation assessment and give you real ways to utilize it in your efforts. Call us at (904) 351-6240 or email me to arrange for yours today.