Money Keyboard

We know a good percentage of our potential clients are sick and tired of hearing the typical BS coming from SEO “guru’s”. Quite frankly, we are too. That’s why we’ve come up with our Increased Traffic Video Optimization Guarantee.

You see, SEO in it’s purest form is nothing more than the ability to drive traffic to your website. If you SEO your website (or more correctly, web page) it does you no good if nobody visits the site and takes action. Our traffic guarantee builds traffic to your site, and gives you rankings for high value keywords—that hopefully convert to high value clients!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1-We determine your current Alexa Traffic Rank (Alexa is an independent, respected service that ranks traffic to websites for both global and local categories. Read more about Alexa here). Once we have your current rank, based on the plan you choose, we give you a traffic goal ranking number that we target for your site.

Step 2-We put your plan into action, producing your videos on an ongoing basis and optimizing them for search using our proven strategies. In order for our Guarantee to be valid, you must stay with us for the term, which is usually one year.

Step 3-We report our progress in both ranking reports and traffic reports to you on a monthly basis, so you can see the results the videos are having on your business.

Step 4-At the end of the period, we look at the numbers. If for some reason we are unable to hit our goal number, then we continue to work for you producing videos and optimizing them at no additional cost to you until the time that we do achieve the traffic goal we set forth to accomplish. We will do this for as long as it takes, there is no time limit–so if we don’t perform as advertised, you get free videos.

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