Our Team

Al Doane

Al’s 30 plus years of video production and editing experience mainly came while working for a Fortune 500 company heading up their video production department. While there, he was in charge of all in house video production as well as setting up their studio and coaching the on camera presence of executives and talent. In addition Al has extensive experience in digital signage content creation-and that has translated into creating superior DS creations. Al brings all this ability to MCA.

Mike Simmons

Mike comes with the business ownership as well as the web based applications background, having owned his own business for over 30 years prior to MCA. While he owned his business (mostly spent in the spice trade) he became adapt at using Google AdWords and Google Analytics . Because of this past experience, Mike is uniquely qualified to find related subject matter to target for clients businesses.

Chris Rains
Software & IT

Chris is in charge of all software and hardware issues, as well as making sure that some of our crazy schemes work the way we hope they do. Email Chris

Christopher Simmons
Signage Content Scheduling

Christopher schedules all of the digital signage presentations on clients boards so that they play when they are supposed to. Email Christopher

Paul Livingston
Client Relations

Paul works retail sales and selling the ad packages on our signage boards. He has an extensive background in Marketing and Client Service. Email Paul

Rennie Knopf
Video & Animation Editing

Rennie works with video editing and 3D rendering of things like logos and graphics. He has an extensive background in production. Email Rennie

Rick Farmer
Photographer/Drone Operator

Rick is our still photographer and also does all of our aerial work utilizing his drone. He has his own business in which he mainly concentrates on real estate photography.