Problem-Solution-Benefit, the perfect script formula for Online Videos

The fact that online business video is different from broadcast video is best illustrated with the actual content as well as the intent of the viewing audience. Here’s an example:

When doing broadcast video, the number one goal is to capture enough of the interest of the viewer to draw them in and push out your services or products, so that the goal of a conversion (whatever that conversion is) gets the best chance of happening. Think about the Hardee’s hamburger commercials, usually featuring a scatingly clad model eating a 1300 calorie cheeseburger. While unrealistic, the visual aspects of a beautiful person consuming one of their products is enough to capture enough of the audience to watch it.

On the web it’s exactly the opposite. When it comes to people watching a web business video, the fact that they found you can not be overstated. And with that, the fact that most web searches start with the keyword and are actually a quest for answers or information, becomes the central issue that you should be concerned about for a successful campaign.

When we write a script for a client, we use the formula Problem-Solution-Benefit. And as with everything else on the web the intent of the searcher online when they typed in the keyword in the first place.

Let’s look at how this works, using the example search “vacation condo rental Amelia Island, FL“-

1. Problem-The problem this searcher is looking for a solution for is finding a suitable and nice vacation condo in Amelia Island. How close you can get to addressing this specific keyword related topic will determine your chances of success in getting this searcher to rent your condo. We try to additionally draw a searcher in by using a question framing this, like “Are you looking for the perfect vacation rental in Amelia Island for your vacation this year?”

2. Solution-The solution you offer is your product or service (or in this case property). This is where you would go into detail regarding the specifics on your offering, as well as how that solution specifically addresses any problem brought out in the first step. The script would say something along the lines of ” Our Amelia Island vacation condo has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and a fully equipped kitchen with modern new appliances. You have all the comforts of home provided to you while you enjoy the beaches and sights of beautiful Amelia Island”…

3. Benefit-If the viewer uses your solution, what specific benefit will they realize by doing so. The more benefits you can give here, the better your chance of converting to a customer. Example, “So if your looking for that perfect solution to your housing needs on your vacation to Amelia Island, let us show you how you can realize a carefree and enjoyable vacation at our condo”. At the end of the benefit statement(s) always give a strong call to action–such as “call us” or “email us for more information.”

By following this simple 3 step process for writing online scripts, you’ll be well on your way to doing videos that are effective and convert online to bring new customers to your business.