The Dumbing Down of Online Video Production

The Dumbing Down of Online Video Production

As Google continues it’s march toward reducing the amount of online trash (also known as spam, link building, regular SEO, etc.) online marketers continue to search for new areas and ways to move into for their content creation needs. Unfortunately,  the next frontier appears to be online video, as over the last few months we have seen an influx of new video “creators” and the typical DYI courses designed to show people how they can sit at their desks with a web cam and create video productions that will put checks in their bank account.

What you have ended up with is the movement of trash content from the written page to the digital video platform. While it may work now, just like every other short cut and work around that your typical SEO “guru” comes up with, it won’t work for long.

The problem with this, if we see it so does Google. And given the nasty mood Mother G has been in for the last couple of years toward spammers, search engine marketers and people that just try to outsmart them–an “update” to their ranking algo is just around the corner-to stop it. And that hurts those of us who follow the rules, put out good quality content and really care about what our clients look like online.

I’ve said for years that a bad video can hurt you, and I think more than ever that statement is considerably accurate, but not just for the reason that you don’t look your best in front of your prospective clients. Today there are several other factors that come into play, that may just end up costing you money, wasted opportunity and long term online success.

Duplicate Content

We are seeing a large number of videos like the one below, which we refer to as “cookie cutter” videos.

These videos are all done on a generic basis, and then simply “fill in the blank” with a businesses website, contact info, and general information that can be added graphically and not change the actual voice or image content of the video. What marketers will do is simply buy the template, go to a business with an inexpensive video solution, sell them and then upload the video to YouTube.

What you end up with is a video that is basically the same, no real value to a client or a searcher (nothing in this video directly relates to the individual business-only generic information everyone already knows), and duplicated hundreds, maybe thousands of times throughout the web only changing the title, name on the video and contact information.

What differentiates good quality video from cookie cutter is that the good quality always produces content that directly relates to two things:

  • The keyword(s) that it is targeting
  • The business that it is about

Long term success online is all about quality and directly matching the needs of the searching public with the products and services you provide. The only way you can do this is to uniquely match the two, and that goes for both video and written content. And there is no way you can do that with these types of videos.

Web Cam Videos

We love web cams. Use them all the time to communicate with colleagues and provide visual aid in conversations that need it. Skype and Google + are great tools to achieve this.

But web cams are not made for making online video business productions. Would you buy a used car from this man?:

While you may not be able to understand what he is saying (unless you didn’t sleep through your high school German class like I did) at least you can get the general idea–the quality is horrible. The audio is horrible. And nobody is going to sit through 3-5 minutes of this crap unless they are masochists or stoned.

If your ultimate goal is to get your message out there, you need to put it on a medium that will present it in a manner that engages people enough to watch or read it. And web cam videos simply will not do this for you.

Of course this may not always be the case…you may want to present your business as one that simply is second class, unsuccessful and looking for the quick buck and shortcut to online riches.

If that’s the case, then please continue doing the above. You make the rest of us look really good.