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What makes us different from other web video companies?

Well first we have the belief that the Internet is nothing more than one big giant delivery system. A delivery system that delivers information in an organized matter to people that are searching for answers to questions or solutions to problems. This is why Google is so spectacularly successful, they organize and present this information better than anyone else. And they’ve found a way to connect businesses providing solutions with people searching for them

Too often, people try to make the web more than what it is, to overcomplicate it. When it all boils down to is people hunting and people providing answers. In fact, the web reverses the old time model of marketing–where the hunter was the business providing a service/product and the hunted was the consumer/business with a need. In the world of the Internet, those roles are completely reversed.

So what does this have to do with web video?

Simply put, video in our view, is nothing more than another medium to use to push information out to the people most likely to need what you offer.

Most video companies do a great job at editing, production, and filming. They fail at one big missing piece when it comes to web based video, content. And that is where we think we set MCA apart from other video production companies-our ability to know before we produce a video for a client what information needs to be on that video to attract business to the client.

Apart from that, we also have 10 main points that we do differently, which we feel greatly increases the value of our services to our clients. They are:

  1. Complete ownership of all video and other content we develop for a client. We even give you the video file for your own use, for anything you wish to use it for.
  2. Never any mention of MCA used anywhere on your video. You pay us to advertise your business or services, not ours. Unlike many of our competitors-we never add our name or contact info to your video. We do however offer a discount off of our services for clients who consent to allow us to put a brief MCA promo closing at the end of their video–however we ONLY do this with your consent.
  3. Every video is uploaded to your own YouTube Channel. You have complete control and your video will remain online for as long as you keep it there.
  4. No monthly fees or hidden costs. We don’t charge anything more than what you decide you need, the only time we ever charge monthly fees is if we are hosting your video for you
  5. We add your contact information throughout the video, as well as at the end, because you never know when a “hot button” will be pushed with your prospects and the easier you make it to contact you the better chance you have that they will. We also put a live link to the best page on your website corresponding to the video’s content/message
  6. We offer more free edits than the normal industry standard with your production–if your not satisfied we give you 3 free edits. After the third time we bill on our normal editing charge, but that is rarely needed
  7. We only use HD cameras, and record in HD, to give you the very best video quality available. We also use high quality audio and lighting to enhance the viewer experience.
  8. We optimize the video using techniques that we have developed in over 5 years experience placing videos for clients online. We don’t guarantee placement (only Google can guarantee placement of anything on Google, and we’re not Google)…BUT we have a 75% success rate at ranking videos for targeted keywords in Google and YouTube.
  9. We constantly keep up with new techniques in both production and video optimization
  10. We only use “White Hat” techniques when optimizing content, never anything that is a “short cut” or considered Gray or Black Hat. Our goal is long term success, not quick, flashy results (although many times results are quick).

We feel that with our experience as Internet Marketing and Video Production Experts, we position ourselves as the best choice to provide our clients exactly what our motto says, “Web Video with a Purpose”.

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