The right way to SEO your website…..Surrender


I’ll admit it, I used to be one of those SEO junkies. You know, the guy who bought the shiny new object-who went to the well to try to find the magic formula that would turn my frog into a prince in the eyes of Princess Google. I spent LOTS of money (too afraid to add it all up, mainly because I like staying married). I spent A LOT of time in places like Warrior Forum.

I wasted several years of my life. The epiphany came when I realized that traditional SEO isn’t about Search Engine Optimization, it’s more about how can I fool a search engine into getting them to rank my web site and it’s pages high in their rankings. That’s right, I’m calling out traditional SEO. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors. And expensive smoke at that.

The correct way to SEO is to surrender. Give Google what it wants. Great Content, put out on the web consistently that answers questions in a honest and unique way that your prospects are asking. Over time this strategy works, and it also provides these benefits:

  • You never have to worry about changes in Google’s algorithms again. Because your giving them exactly what they want, they won’t take your content down or move it to page 600 of the listings for the keywords your targeting.
  • Your content will actually target both the search engines and the human searcher. Traditional content was sometimes so stuffed with keywords simply for the hope of attracting search engine love, that it read like a 4th grade book report. Forget that! Now you write or speak to your target audience in the way that they understand, over time the concept of continual quality submissions trumps
  • Putting quality over quantity content out establishes you as an expert quicker, simply because your answering the exact question your prospects are looking to get answered. If you’ve done your keyword research beforehand, you know this information. If not, you better.

The great thing about this strategy is that it works with all types of media, from written word to video. Because Google includes a number of content types in their organic results, by following this concept you have a pretty good chance of getting results from any type of submission.

Many times with our clients, we’ve posted a video targeting a specific keyword (again with the information pertaining to that keyword addressed in the content) as well as a blog post on the clients blog addressing the issue. In a large percentage of cases, BOTH the video and the blog post are ranked on the first page of Google search results for that keyword. This has become even more prevalent after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

The great thing about surrendering to Google when it comes to content creation is you keep your money in your own pocket. I haven’t bought a new SEO course in over 2 years. And yet I rank on the first page of Google for hundreds of videos, pages and posts all that directly drive traffic and business to my web site.

I know that it’s hard to break old habits, go against the grain, and chart a course that defies what a lot of people are telling you that you need to do. But sometimes over complicating things to find an answer that is right in front of your eyes opens them. This is the case with SEO. Google tells everyone what they are looking for.

All you have to do is surrender, and just give it to them.