Unobtrusive On Site Video Production

What is “Unobtrusive Video Production”? Simply stated with most business video production services that go on location to film, there is a tremendous amount of interruption than can occur in your businesses everyday operation. Reason being that there is equipment that needs to be set up; lighting, sound, cameras, cables, all that are needed in producing good quality video.

With our Unobtrusive production, we only come on site to photograph or get a short amount of video footage an area of your office or facility that would make a good backdrop for your video.  At most we take up 30 minutes of your day on location. This frees up the rest of the time that would have been spent filming your video to the more important task of running your business.

Then at your convenience you come into our studio and film your presentation on green screen. We masterfully then put your presentation onto the film or picture we took on site.

The result? A high quality video that looks like it was filmed on your location, without the headaches. Here is an example of one of these type of presentations, background filmed at the 18th Tee of the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass and the actual presentation filmed in our studio.