Using Video in a QR Tag Campaign

Mike Simmons video tagHave you ever seen one of these before? This is a QR, or Quick Response code. It resembles an old fashioned bar code, except these tags are meant to be scanned with a mobile devices built in reader, and once that scanner recognizes the tag—it leads the person scanning it to some web based property.

Now that can be a website, contact information, a Map and directions to an office or location, or a video. When it comes to video, the possibilities of how to utilize these tags in marketing your business becomes something only limited to your imagination.

For instance suppose your company manufacturers a product that would be better served to the public by demonstrating it’s uses–like a kitchen appliance or food product. You could put a QR tag on the label or packaging that when scanned would go directly to a video demonstrating that product. Think about how effective that would be–and also how much better your company would look in the eyes of today’s tech savvy consumer.card-back-and-front

You also can do what we’ve done here at MCA, put QR codes on your business cards. Our cards go to a special introductory video that introduces our company and tells a little about ourselves, our contact information that can be saved directly to the users phone and a mobile version of our website.

The great thing about QR codes and video is that the expense incurred is a one time proposition—and they continue to work for you at no extra expense, as long as you host your videos on one of the many free video sharing sites on the web like YouTube. You can even embed your video in a mobile ready website for greater effectiveness that will allow click to call and contact forms.

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