Using video in your email messages

Do you have a product or service that is easier and more effectively shown than written about? If so then using video in an email message could be a very effective tool in your marketing arsenal. You can use video in regular text emails, html emails and html5 emails.

Text emails are the easiest to set up, you simply copy and paste the youtube url into the body of your email. When the reader clicks the link, they are taken to the video page on youtube. One word of caution, do not send just the link alone, as that appears to be spamy or not personalized. Add some text to the page, as well as your signature and contact information.

HTML emails can include images that when clicked can go to either a web page with the video or the you tube video page.

The most exciting use of video in email is HTML5. With HTML5 the video either plays right in the email message or goes to a web page with the email.

At MCA we have complete video email services, everything from producing the video and coding it correctly for email and mobile, to designing the html template and list management/sending software services. Go here for more information.