Using Web Video in Offline Advertising Campaigns

Did you know that you could use online video in offline advertising, and save thousands of dollars in cost over traditional video distribution? If your thinking that you can’t afford good quality video that will market your company in a good light, think again. It’s no longer a requirement that you be a large multi-national corporation or company with deep pockets to enjoy the benefits that video can bring to your business.

There are several different ways to reach your offline audience with web video. One of those is with QR Codes. With a QR Code, your prospects and customers can utilize the built in scanner in a mobile device to scan a code–once scanned and recognized the device will display a video (or some other web based property). What this does is bridge the gap from offline to online, no longer does your audience need to type in url’s or click links-everything is automatic.

When you use QR tags with video, you can utilize the video as a demonstration of a product, introduction of personnel, facility tours or a video that will relay information that is of interest to the viewer. It has been shown that video will increase conversion rates on a website by around 35%, and the same can be said for video played on demand with QR tags.

You also can utilize offline video in ads, driving people offline to a web site or page that features video content pertinent to the ad. This is particularly effective when combined with an offer designed to peak interest and increase contact with your audience.

The great thing about web video is the cost, once you have uploaded your video to an online hosting property like You Tube, the ongoing cost is free. Unlike TV advertising, where you can spend thousands of dollars in production costs AND THEN need to pay at least as much in airtime, online video works 24/7-365 days a year at no extra cost. Effectively, each time the video produces results, it’s cost goes down. No other medium can offer that.

We are experts in putting together offline strategies utilizing web video as the centerpiece. Contact us today for a free video assessment on how we can help your business grow using online video.