Using Web Video in your Push Type marketing efforts

Push marketing is marketing out to prospective clients by pushing information out that would be of interest to them, and nudge them to choose your business over your competition. There are many ways you can use web video to enhance your push marketing efforts.

Take direct mail. Suppose you were a travel company and you were doing a direct mailing campaign to prospective travelers to a holiday resort property. Having a video embedded on a website that people land on from direct mail can increase conversion rates dramatically. People buy with their eyes, but they get excited with their ears–so being able to utilize these two senses draws prospective clients into your message.

You can also use web video in email, product centered content on QR tags, printed material and any number of traditional marketing methods that up to now were stoic in nature. When you use web video in push type marketing, the web becomes more of a delivery vehicle–and your not subject to the constant changes by search engines like Google. You control your marketing efforts—and results.

At MCA we can show you many ways web video can specifically work with your business in pushing your message out. Contact us for a free assessment today.