Did you know that 80% of all leads gathered at exhibitors booths in trade shows never get followed up on? Think about that; businesses spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars exhibiting at trade shows, and on the average 8 out of 10 potential new customers slip through their hands. This is money that is thrown away…and it doesn’t have to be anymore. With MCA’s trade show follow up/video email service-you can send targeted video email messages to your trade show contacts right from your booth via your phone or tablet!

Video Email is one of the areas that really excites us here at MCA. The ability to add a video to an email will both increase the open rate and make it more effective in delivering your message.  Add to that the massive increase in mobile based browser use and email checking, and you have a major new area of emphasis on your video marketing efforts.

The ability to add video to email has been around for years, however the big problem was the email clients would not pass through the large file or embed code-thus for the most part the email was undelivered. No delivery, No message. But thanks to our new video email software, we are able to provide an easy and inexpensive video email solution for businesses, custom tailored to their particular needs.

Our Trade Show Follow Up/Video Email Service includes:

  • Packages of 4, 7 and 10 Pre-Produced Videos  revolving around your product/service or message. All professionally produced in our studio using our HD camera and full length green screen
  • Uploaded to your own Software interface in a library where you can pick and choose the best video message to send to each recipient that matches your situation (i.e. one video may be a thank you for the order, another may be great to meet you at XYZ trade show, etc…). Includes Mobile App for i-Phone or Android devices.

So how does it work? Well, you choose from one of our packages the number of video messages you need to pre record, based on your needs. After recording your videos we will edit them, upload them to your software interface, and configure your emails for you so that you have a library to choose from. We will also upload any document attachments you wish to include (as a .pdf file).

Then when you want to send out an email to someone, you simply login to your software and choose the video message that best fits the situation or need. Enter the recipients email address, push the send button and it’s sent immediately. When your recipient opens his email, this is what he will see in his inbox (of course your email template will be designed with your company logo, colors and information):

example_email_1The video is full HD 16:9 ratio, which gives it the best playback quality available. If the recipients email client does not allow HTML5 video to be played directly in the email, when they push the play button they are taken to a webpage automatically that looks like this:

example_email_html_The video begins to play automatically when the person lands on the page. There is also a link to download any attachments (such as spec sheets, flyers, information forms). We include a menu with links to your website, facebook page and one other network like LinkedIn.

Learn More about our Trade Show Follow Up and Video Email Service by calling us at (904) 351-6240


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