Most of the video we upload is hosted for free on your own YouTube channel. However, there are times when clients wish to have video content private. These are cases such as:

  • Private password protected content, such as recorded seminars and proprietary information
  • Inner company content
  • Video not meant to be searched on the web but sent out to a select targeted audience
  • Product demonstrations meant only for people who purchased the product

To accommodate clients who have situations like the ones above, we offer a complete video hosting solution, hosted on our server with Amazon S3. The hosting includes:

  • Uploading to our server
  • Video Player customized to your company colors
  • Watermark (if desired)
  • Unlimited plays/views per month
  • Unlimited number of videos
  • Social sharing widget (if desired)

The cost of our video hosting service is $20/month, billable annually. To sign up or to get more information, contact Mike Simmons at (904) 351-6248 or by email


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