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MCA will design a complete, customized and web based learning management system which your employees can access and learn on their own time. Our system is designed using WordPress and the popular Sensei LMS plugin. All features that you need for your situation are included so that the system runs as you need with the modules in place and ready to use.

You’ll work with MCA’s script development experts in putting together concise and effective scripts to be used in each module of your program. We have developed a system that allows you to relay your expertise on the lesson subject, and our script writers to transfer that over to an effective presentation that your employees will get maximum results from.

Whether it is in the field shooting procedures and techniques or in our studio shooting a demonstration, we have the ability and video production experience to put together compelling training videos. We’ve worked with customers ranging from a regional carrier truck line all the way to a Fortune 500 Grocery Chain, in producing video training presentations that have the ability to produce results. View Examples


Our photography department uses high end camera equipment and years of photography experience to take the exact picture needed to accentuate specific procedures and techniques mentioned in a training lesson. All photos are expertly edited using high end industry software to give maximum resolution to enhance the viewing experience. View Examples

MCA will train and work with the people you designate as administrators for your program, so that they can add and delete employees, follow progress of individuals and change out specific items like quiz questions and downloadable documents. We also offer a monthly management program for a small monthly fee that will provide hands free updates and management.

Nothing works in a good training program without good analytics and data. And with our programs, we include easy to understand and access information that helps you understand both how well the system is performing in providing the right training to the right audience. We set up the reporting part of the system to give a customized set of results that you need to go forward.

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