Video Production

MCA offers complete In-Studio or On-Location Video Production and Editing Services

The central part of our business is video production, and MCA has all the tools to develop stunning and effective video presentations for both signage and your business needs.

We film everything in either 4K or HD, to give you the highest resolution available. We utilize professional lighting, audio equipment and editing techniques. And we have a fully equipped green screen studio with a full teleprompter on site.

Below are some examples of the different types of videos we have produced for clients. Take a look by clicking on the image-the corresponding video will play in a pop up window.

Introduction Video

Introduction Videos can be used to introduce your company, any of it’s services or products or individuals to clients and prospective clients.

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Information Video

Information Videos  get your message across to viewers or to target specific keywords that searchers use to find yourservices or products

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Content Video

Content videos present relevant content the same way that a web page presents it in  written form. The visitor is drawn into the conversation.

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Training Video

Training video standardizes procedures for all your employees, regardless of location. MCA provides full production services for training.

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Aerial Drone Video

If you need an aerial perspective in your video, we provide complete aerial video production utilizing a DJ Drone and all shot in 4K resolution.

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In Studio Production

Our professional on site studio features a full wall green screen, professional lighting and audio and a full sized teleprompter for script delivery.

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On Location Production

We utilize small footprint equipment for on location filming. We run everything off battery power, which cuts down on time between shots and costs.

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3D & 2D Animation Video

Using professional editing techniques and software, our graphic designers can create both 2D and 3D animation sequences for multiple uses

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