MCA neither endorses nor chooses which voice talent a client may choose in one of their video productions. However, as a service we offer the following demos of talent we have contacts with for clients to choose from. Advise your MCA rep of the voice you would like to use and we will provide that person for your production.

Female Voice

Amber Junker-Great female voice, perfect for radio or short marketing video

Juliet Johnson-British accent, highly sophisticated. Experience in voiceover as well as script reading and training voice work.

Juliet McEwen – Animal Radio Network – Be Kind to Kids Contest  Animal Radio Network-Be Kind to Kids Contest

mca1  Promo for MCA

Jenna-Smooth female voice. Experience in Radio, voice work and television

Jenna voice over for client video-Social Media

Male Voice

Ric Santos-smooth voice, great delivery. Experience in radio as well as voice work.

Ric Sample voiceover Promo for GM Simmons Co

Steve Burns-experienced voice talent capable of several different voices and tones.

Steve sample voiceover Sample MCA Script

Brent Carr-experienced smooth voice

Brent sample voiceover Brent voice sample reel

Tim Black-experienced commercial voice talent

Tim sample voiceover Sample Acura commercial