What is the best way to find subject matter for your videos?

When it comes to web video, it’s a pretty good idea to know what it is your  going to say before you start to shoot. But sometimes it’s difficult to think of a good subject to talk about, sort of akin to “writers cramp” with the written word. We’ve come up with several ways you can find good subject matter for your videos–

First, questions your prospects and clients ask you on a regular basis make excellent subject matter for videos. If they are asking you offline, there’s a good chance that the same question is being asked online-and the more of these types of video’s you have out there the more effective they are.

Second, use the Google Keyword Tool to find out specific areas and topics people are searching for related to your products or services. Simply type in the broad word that closely resembles your subject matter, and Google will return a good number of keywords that people use when searching for that topic. Pay particular attention to find keywords that can be turned into a question–because what you want to do on the video is provide an answer and lead them to you to provide a solution.

Third, you can create a Google Alert for your main keyword that you target in your business and have Google Email you an alert every time that keyword is used and indexed online. You’ll find lots of subject matter that is timely and interesting to your prospects and clients.

And lastly, head over to Yahoo Answers and use their search box to type in your main keyword. From there you’ll find actual questions being asked online by people looking for answers that are related to your business. Use your judgment in determining which would make the best video subjects, but you usually can find several really good ones with this method.

As with all subject matter for web video, good keyword research should be the primary focus. If you make sure your videos target good keywords, they will continue to work for you for many months and years.

At MCA we include keyword and subject research with all of our web video productions. Contact us today and let us show you how web video with good subject matter can work for your business.