What you should wear in front of a Green Screen for a video shoot

One of the main points when filming on a green screen is what colors and fabrics will work for the best results. So what we’ve done her is to give you some pointers on what you should wear into the studio to give your video the best result possible.

First, you want to wear something totally void of any Green color.You see once we put you onto your background, any green showing up in the fabric of your shirt, or pants if your full length, will become virtually invisible and you’ll see straight through it to the background. That’s because anything green or even green tinted will be removed from the video.

What you want to wear are solid color shirts with nice muted colors, like Light or Dark Blue, Greys,Black,or any Pastel Color. Bright reds or oranges will work but we don’t really recommend them.

Also, you want to wear a shirt that is cotton or a heavy cotton blend. Polo shirts and oxfords probably work best.And since we are “micking you up” so to speak with a clip on microphone, and the cord will need to be run down the inside of your shirt to the transmitter that will be on your back-if your shirt is very light weight or made of a material like silk, it will may interfere with the microphones performance or look.

If you wear a jacket or sports coat, a dark navy blue or black will work best as we can hide the microphone easily from the lapel of the jacket.

If you have any questions on what to wear feel free to give us a call prior to coming in and filming. Or just bring several different shirts and we can help you pick the one that will work best for you.