Which is better? Vimeo or You Tube.


When it comes down to where to host your videos online, there are literally dozens of choices. Most of our clients would instantly assume that, because they are the biggest and most well known, You Tube is the best choice. However, the question should be asked “What is the purpose of your video?” and from that answer will come the best choice for your particular situation. In our opinion there is really 2 clear choices on shared video hosting and streaming-You Tube and Vimeo.

Which one is best? The answer, Both of them. Let me explain.

If the purpose of your video is to drive traffic to your website through optimization in other search engines such as Google, then the clear choice is You Tube. Not only does You Tube enjoy about a 33% market share of video views it also is, as most people know, owned by Google. And while this share is down from it’s high point of around 50%, the fact of the matter is that getting a video ranked on Google is easier when hosted on You Tube than on another site. Our experience over the years shows that videos on You Tube get ranked more often than videos on any other site. Our studies show that a consistent and well thought out video content strategy is one of the best ways to build both traffic to your site as well as establish your business brand in the minds of consumers.

If however you plan to utilize your video embedded on your site, as say an introduction to your company or one of your products or services, then Vimeo is the best choice. While we can’t say with certainty that this is so, we believe that the quality of the streaming video from Vimeo is slightly better than You Tube. But the big reason is the ability to add a customized start image to your video if you have a Vimeo Pro account. This will let you design a start image that will blend seamlessly with the overall design of your website. On You Tube, you are unable to do this unless you are a You Tube Partner or a non-profit organization. Don’t have a Pro account? No problem for MCA clients, we stream your videos for free from our Pro account and allow you to either send us a start image to use or, for a small fee, design one for you that matches your web sites look and feel.

In the past many video SEO gurus lead clients to believe that uploading your video to multiple sites would increase the chances of it being ranked on Google. Today however, we don’t believe that to be true and may also be a deterrent. Much like written word content, Google hates duplicated entries. The continual changes in algorithms over the years lends itself to the idea that it’s best to stay away from any strategy that lends itself to something that goes against Google’s general philosophy. When we upload to both You Tube and Vimeo, we change both the title of the video and the name of the video file itself.

Use video in a thought out matter the same way you use written word content, and consider where to host it for the best return for you and your company.