Why Keyword Research is important in Web Video Production

All content on the web used in search based marketing starts with good keyword research. The reason is simple, keywords drive searches, searches produce search results and search results drive traffic to your content. You can have the right content, a beautiful production or page and the best call to action you could think of–and all of it is a moot point if someone never sees it.

So it’s important before you even begin production of the video that you have your keywords that your targeting set. That way you can build your content around the keywords and focus in on the answers your prospects need to chose you. Anything other than that and your putting the preverbial cart in front of the horse.

At MCA all of our packages include keyword research. As a Google AdWords certified partner, I have done keyword research for clients for over 7 years–and have the background to find the right keyword to target for any video production.

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