Why use YouTube to host your online videos?

There really are a few major reasons why you want to host your videos with YouTube.

First, did you know that YouTube is the second highest ranked search engine, right behind Google. While it’s true that most searches on YouTube are for funny or crazy videos, that really have little to do with business, there are a tremendous amount of searches for “how to” or tutorial videos. If you can position your product or service to provide this type of information, people will search for it and find it. It’s then just a matter of having it produced correctly to drive them to your website.

The second reason is that Google owns YouTube, and includes YouTube videos in their search results for many highly competitive keywords. It’s a lot easier to rank a video on Google than it is to rank a web page. At MCA we have around a 75% success rate in getting clients videos ranked for targeted search terms. When you do this on a consistent basis, over time you can rank videos for hundreds of keywords and phrases relating to your product or services.

Lastly, and probably the best reason in today’s economy, YouTube is free. It doesn’t cost you anything but the time involved in uploading the video to host it there.

At MCA all of our packages include a custom designed Youtube channel that you own and control, plus we upload and optimize the videos for you. Contact us today for a free assessment on how a YouTube web video strategy can work for your business.