Why we won’t take client supplied footage shot on a cell phone

Beginning April 1, 2014 (no fooling) we will no longer accept client supplied video footage to utilize in their productions that is shot on a cell phone or web cam. The reasoning behind this is that the quality of this type of video is so FAR below our quality standards and the audio is so bad that it is virtually un-usable.

At MCA we take video quality very seriously. Your business needs to present itself to potential clients in the best light possible. There is no way that we can take footage from these sources and edit it into a production that resembles what we want it to for your business.

There may be some who will disagree with us on this and yes we may even lose some business over it. But when we put our name behind a production we stand behind it 100%, as something that will both make you proud to have it represent your business and that you can use for years to come.

And that is something that we not only strive to achieve, but live by in our business life. For this, there is no compromise.