Why Web Video actually costs decreases in cost as time goes on

One of the great things about web video from MCA is that it’s a one time payment–that is you pay only once for the video to be produced, optimized and uploaded. From there it remains online for as long as you keep it there, producing results for weeks, months even years in the future.

In relation to regular SEO which is costly, time consuming and subject to the whims of search engines like Google. Depending on the market and keyword your targeting, regular SEO could take months to see any results and run hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month to remain effective.

Even when considering regular channels like TV, web video is a tremendous bargain. With TV you not only have production costs, but you have to pay air time each and every time your message is shown. Not so with web video, you never pay for “air time”—so each time your video is viewed and someone contacts you because of it, your effective costs go down.

Let us show you how cost effective web video can be. Contact us today for a free assessment on how web video can work for your business.