Why web video works for Attorneys needing new clients

If you are an attorney and need new clients perhaps nothing can attract them better than web video. The reason is that in today’s world, people can go online and search for any information they need–and that includes solutions to problems.

And there is probably no problem, other than health issues, more pressing or dire than legal issues. So it makes sense that if a person or business has a legal issue, then the first place they turn is online to find the solution. Having a video that directly addresses the issues they are facing, is both powerful and effective in drawing them to you for the solutions.

Understanding that every time someone types a keyword into a search engine like Google, they are asking a question that needs an answer. If you can provide that answer, then the chances of them choosing you to eliminate their problem greatly increases.

When combined with keyword research and video optimization, web video becomes a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal for your law firm. And unlike other types of marketing programs, web video from MCA is very affordable. You pay one time, and the benefits continue to accrue for years to come.

We’ve worked with dozen of lawyers in developing a web video strategy that has them on the top pages of Google for numerous high value keywords relating to their areas of specialization. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help your firm make web video work for you