Why web video works for Auto Dealerships needing buyers

Most video marketing that is done by Auto dealerships is what we refer to as “interruption” marketing….that is things like TV commercials. Now those are effective don’t get me wrong, but there is another type of video that is GREATLY under-utilized in the automobile world, and that is “information” marketing.

Did you know that automobile based keywords are some of the most highly searched terms on the internet? Everything from specific models makes and years to service related issues, parts and accessories. Every time someone types one of those keywords into a search box, they are looking for information that would lead them to your dealership IF you provide it to them. Answers, to questions, needs and desires.

And as you probably are already aware from the effectiveness of TV commercials, there is no better way to provide those answers than video. And the best delivery vehicle for this type of marketing is on the web.

At MCA, we’re experts in providing this type of video, because that’s all we do. Our extensive background in video production and web marketing gives us the necessary tools to provide a high return on your marketing investment.

Plus, as a Google AdWords Certified Partner-I’m able to put together a paid search program for your dealership utilizing video that is unlike anything anyone else is doing, and match buyers to your dealership at EXACTLY the right time, and at a cost much less than other mediums.

Let us show you how a complete web video marketing program can work for your dealership-contact us today for a free assessment on how we can make web video an effective weapon in your marketing arsenal.